I am a digital content and strategy consultant for government and private organizations, with an affinity for broadcast networks. I am an expert in transnational media modeling, data visualization and political communication.

I am also a filmmaker and editor, who geeks out on design related software.


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My expertise includes content strategy, media production, data science, transnational research, political communication, and converging old and digital media. Several years of research experience at Northwestern University includes American television news media’s portrayal of Afghanistan in the 23 years before 9/11, the Arab Spring and social media networks, and transnational media modeling. By combining historical, contemporary, networked and cultural perspectives, I have explored issues of collective action, democracy, feminism, temporality and the effects of digital exchange of information.

My award-winning PhD dissertation theorizes transnational feminism by understanding our experience and representation of time both culturally and subjectively. I provide a comparative model for films from India, Iran and Lebanon, in order to identify how the economics of the festival circuit influence their narratives.

I have copy-edited and professionally proofread numerous published articles and books dealing with visual media, journalism and marketing themes.

I have taught and supervised many-a-young’uns (undergraduates) on how to be effective communicators and occasionally them executives on how to be better managers/leaders.

I provide digital media consultation in Washington, DC – putting my skills in building transnational media models to public use.

Fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi, I also know basic Arabic and some scandalous German.

Technical Skills:

WordPress • Square Space • Pangea • Drupal

Adobe Premiere • InqScribe • Dalet • Prezi

Interview • Survey • Archival (Field) • Analytics (Digital)

Crowdtangle • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram

Editing • Proofreading • Translating • Copywriting

Microsoft Office Suite • Power BI • Tableau • Infogram

UCINET • NodeXL • Matlab • Network Analysis

Discourse • Textual • Content • Data Analysis • SPSS