2022           Digiday+ Research: How brands and agencies are investing in online marketing platforms

When Digiday asked agencies and advertisers where they are spending the largest portion of their 2022 media budgets, Google came out on top, followed by Meta’s Facebook and Instagram. Notably, TV followed Meta, indicating that while digital options are increasing, TV continues to provide large enough returns that marketers still want to invest in it. An infographic report published here.

2022             Digiday+ Research: A guide to the top 10 ID alternatives for publishers

Identity technologies are the backbone of programmatic advertising, which has been dependent on tracking user data and third-party cookies for decades. In fact, most non-premium publishers depend on ad targeting through third-party cookies for over 80% of their ad revenue. In this piece I take a deep dive into the top 10 alternative IDs that publishers are investing in. Published on Digiday, available here.

2022             Digiday+ Research: What top ad-supported TV platforms offer advertisers

With streaming services fast approaching linear TV as the preferred viewing platforms for many consumers, advertisers that traditionally spent the bulk of their budgets on network and cable TV are shifting more and more to streaming instead. In this report, I chat with executives from the top 10 ad-supported streaming platforms, including Hulu, Youtube, HBO et al. and present a user-centric analysis of ad experiences offered by them. Published by Digiday Research exclusively, and available here.

2022             Modern Retail+ Report: The new CPG limited-edition and product drop playbook 

In this report, we provide an overview of how the biggest players in the CPG food and beverage industry fared financially over the past two years, and analyze how these retail behemoths pivoted their product roll-out and marketing. Published by Modern Retail, here.

2021              Case Study: How Aerie won Gen Z and Victoria’s Secret’s market share

Industry analysis featured by Glossy, published here.

2021               Digiday Media Research: A comprehensive guide to third-party cookie alternatives

Over the past decade, the third-party cookie has grown into one of the foundational elements of the digital advertising ecosystem. In two years, it will effectively be removed when Google ends its support of third-party cookies. How publishers respond to this change will be one of the defining stories of the media industry’s next two years. But the paths forward are numerous, and few are well-paved. That’s why Digiday created this guide, which provides an overview of the possible responses publishers might take to the end of third-party cookies. Featured on Digiday, available to read here.

2021                  Uyghurs Who Fled China Now Face Repression in Pakistan, VICE News – Co-Producer

Winner of Rory Peck Award (News Features) and Silver Telly (Best Documentary) Awards

2019                   Digital Ad Supply Chain for News Publishers, Amina A

A tech policy fellowship project published by the Aspen Institute, here.

“Over the course of the last two decades ad buying has shifted from traditional methods—publishers directly dealing with advertisers—to programmatic advertising—using software to buy and sell ads. Driving these shifts, “ad-tech” (advertising technology) giants like Facebook and Google have seen a dramatic increase in their ad revenue while newsrooms across the country and the world have seen declining profits, leading to reduced newsroom staffing and other impacts on news publishing. This project presents a framework for auditing the current advertising supply chain in order to understand its impact on the journalism ecosystem. In particular, the project focuses on advertisement fraud and its effects on user and audience trust.”

2018                    Women’s Time, Amina A

An essay on women’s representation and subjectivity today, published in Papercuts Magazine, Volume 19 – available to read here.

2017                   Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times as              Many People as Trump’s Inauguration 

New York Times uses video screenshot to make said argument in article

2016                    Tonguing Time: Transnational Feminism, Film & Festival, Amina A

Dissertation, published by ProQuest and available online here.

2015 –                 The Public Image, Dr. Robert Hariman & co-author John Lucaites

Proofread, researched, and assisted with media publishing rights and communication for “The Public Image: Photography and Civic Spectatorship,” Hariman, R. and John Lucaites, (University of Chicago Press, 2016)

2014 –               Papercuts Magazine, Desi Writers’ Lounge

Producing content through online collaboration with international team of editors and authors for South Asian Literary Journal

2014                 Picture Freedom, Dr. Jasmine Cobb

Proofread, researched and appropriated publication and circulation rights of media/photographs use in: “Picture Freedom: Remaking Black Visuality in the Early Nineteenth Century,” Cobb, J. (New York University Press, 2015)

Communicated and negotiated with academic, governmental, press agencies – both physical and digital archives; Copy-edited articles for journal publication

2013                 The Sports Strategist, Dr. Irving Rein & co-authors Ben Shields, Adam Grossman

Researched and presented subject specific content for “The Sports Strategist: Developing Leaders for a High-Performance Industry,” Rein, I., Ben Shields and Adam Grossman (Oxford University Press, 2014)

2010                 The News Gap, Dr. Pablo J, Bockowski

Gathered and compiled data from industry journals regarding impact of digital/technological change on news consumption. Presented analysis of trends and forecasts through archival research of CJR, E & P etc. from 1970s-2008 for The News Gap: When the Information Preferences of the Media and the Public Diverge,” Boczkowski, P. & Mitchelstein, E. (MIT Press, 2013)

2008 – 09          The Daily Times, Freelance Columnist

Contributed regularly for a nationally recognized English language publication; published numerous articles on issues and observations related to society and media

2008                 LUMS, Dr. Saman Talib

Conducted research aimed toward paper regarding the role of NGOs in building social capital in Pakistan

2006                 Annual Progress Report, Civil Society Human & Institutional Development (CHIP)

Wrote and compiled the non-profit organization’s 1st Annual Progress Report 2005 – 2006 through coordination and communication with four different departments, working on dozens of projects, all over Pakistan. The 40-pg report was published and circulated among various internal stakeholders and  for external marketing purposes. A published version of it can be accessed here


Unpublished Manuscripts:

“Cycles of Contention and Social Movement Networks: New mass media linkages & transnational collective action during the 1848 & 2011 people revolutions,” Amina A. Selected for publication in special issue of Mathal/Mashal: Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Multidisciplinary Studies [In Revision]

“Exclusionary Framing: American News Media’s Portrayal of Afghanistan,” Amina A.

“Re-acquiring the Other Women’s Time: Toward a Transnational Feminist Analysis of Mehta’s Water, Neshat’s Women Without Men & Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now?,” Amina A.