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Aspen Tech Policy Hub Demo Day 2019, Washington, DC

Project demo for tech and policy experts at The Aspen Institute of real world model titled “Programmatic Ad Supply Chain Auditing Platform”

International Communication Association 2019, Washington, DC

Presentation in Global Communication Division of research titled: “Feminist Festival: Women’s Films and Transnational Carnival”

Women and Religion in India, Screening/Panel 2018, Washington, DC

Expert panelist at WeWork documentary screening and discussion for Women and Religion

International Communication Association 2015, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Presentation in the Feminist Scholarship Division of paper titled: “Re-acquiring the Other Women’s Time: Toward a Transnational Feminist Analysis of Mehta’s Water, Neshat’s Women Without Men & Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now?” [ICA Award for Top Paper in Feminist Division]

Arab Spring in a Global Context 2015, Iowa, USA

Invited to speak at The University of Iowa Provost’s Global Forum “Cycles of Contention & Social Movement Networks: New Mass Media Linkages and Transnational Collective Action, 1848 & 2011”

National Communication Association 2014, Chicago, IL, USA

Chair of Panel on “Exploring Rhetoric of Protest and Revolution throughout the Middle East and North Africa” presented in Rhetoric and Communication Theory Division

“Women in Journalism” & “Charles Wheeler Award” 2013, London, UK

Invited to annual event and ceremony for excellence in journalism for British journalists and government representatives

Protest and the Media Conference, University of Westminster 2013, London, UK

Presentation Title: “Cycles of Contention and Social Movement Networks: New mass media linkages & transnational collective action during the 1848 & 2011 people revolutions”

National Communication Association 2012, Orlando, USA

Presentation in the Mass Communication Division at the National Communication Association’s Annual Conference: “Cycles of Contention and Social Movement Networks: New mass media linkages & transnational collective action during the 1848 & 2011 people revolutions”

International Communication Association 2012, Phoenix, USA

Presentation in the Political Communication Division at the International Communication Association’s annual conference titled: “Exclusionary Framing & Media Discourse: American News Media’s Portrayal of Afghanistan”

International Association for Media and Communication Research 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

Presentation at International Association for Media and Communication Research’s Annual Conference titled: “Cold War to 9/11: American News Media’s Framing of Afghanistan”


Effects of the Education Voucher Scheme 2007, Lahore, Pakistan 

Maintained an integral role in the Development Research Project of the Pakistan Education Foundation regarding newly introduced Education Voucher Scheme in the economically challenged areas of Lahore. This project was completed through field research, surveys, interviews and in the form of a final report, presented to the President of the foundation. The findings from the report were later used to introduce the voucher scheme in similar local areas with significant rise in student enrollment