What is #techreg?

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Episode 1: Antitrust and Big Tech – Sally Hubbard

What is antitrust? In this video we discuss what antitrust is and why it matters with expert guest: Sally Hubbard. Sally is the Director of Enforcement Strategy at the Open Markets Institute and has appeared as an expert witness in Senate hearings regarding competition in digital technology markets. She is the author of “Monopolies Suck”.

Episode 2: Publishers and Ad Tech – Nicco Mele

How has the Ad Tech industry affected news publishers? And what are regulators doing about it? In this episode, we talk to expert Nicco Mele to find out what is going on and what we can expect going forward. Nicco Mele is the Managing Director of DRK Foundation, and ex-Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. You can read his thoughts at: https://nicco.substack.com/

Ep 3: Online Tracking and Privacy – Quinn Norton

What are Cookies? How are we being tracked online and why does it matter? In this episode, we talk to tech writer and journalist Quinn Norton about what to expect from privacy related regulations. Quinn has written for WIRED covering hacker culture, The Atlantic and Salon among others. Watch till the end to see what she thinks about Google’s plan to get rid of third-party cookies!

Ep 4: Misinformation and Social Media – Deb Roy

How does misinformation spread and why are policymakers worried about it? What is Section 230? In this episode, we talk to expert Deb Roy to find out what is going on and how to understand the problem of fake news. Deb Roy is Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he directs the MIT Center for Constructive Communication and is Executive Director of the MIT Media Lab. He leads research in applied machine learning and human-machine interaction with applications in designing systems for learning and constructive dialogue, and for mapping and analyzing large scale media ecosystems.

Ep 5: Artificial Intelligence and Bias – Hong Qu

What is Artificial Intelligence and why does it have potential for bias? What kind of AI regulations are being discussed right now? In this episode, we talk to expert Hong Qu to understand how AI affects our lives and why AI systems need to be developed more responsibly. Hong Qu is adjunct lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School and non-resident fellow at Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) and Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity investigating the impact of AI on fair lending laws and practices. Hong was one of the first engineers on YouTube’s startup team and creator of AI Blindspot, a tool to help developers see where their work might create or perpetuate inequality, here: https://aiblindspot.media.mit.edu/

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